A busy year with good results

Keoset coffee farmers have been very busy!  In recent months, they have received many VIP guests, including the Vice President of the National Assembly, Governor of Xieng Khouang Province, Ambassadors from Europe, and farmers from other parts of Laos. Everybody was happy to learn about the achievements in the villages of Pieng, Tantai, and new production areas such as Ban Om. 

The latest harvest is coming to an end and – once again – the quality of the beans has been very high. Coffee from Ban Om received an amazing cupping score of 84.81 from international judges (CQI) at the latest Lao Green Coffee Competition, while the beans from Ban Tantai – which won first prize for best washed Arabica last year – scored 84.22.  These results show that Keoset farmers are producing a consistent quality of beans, an important consideration for commercial partners.

Farmers and buyers know there is still room for improvement. They will continue working together with the LURAS project to control insect pests, manage moisture content and strengthen solidarity among the members of the producer groups.  These efforts will ensure that the beans from Keoset continue to meet international standards for Specialty Coffee and achieve premium prices for the farmers.